What You Can Expect

Have you ever inherited an IEP and when you look at the sections that are suppose to lay out the academic and function levels are a mess? Or worse blank?

Or are you writing that initial IEP and which it was easier to input all this information?

I know the feeling and being the Type A teacher I am I couldn't allow my name to be attached to an IEP that was such a mess. Due to my high caseload numbers I also needed to create a system for cleaning those sections up, without spending hours at home doing just that.

Those systems I created are what I am going to teach about about in this mini course. Not only that I am also going to give you my templates I spent years (yes, years) perfecting to make writing the plaafp )or plop) a breeze.

This mini course is going to how you how to set up the base components of the IEP that will lead into everything you need to write a strong and meaningful IEP.

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Foundational Elements - Mini Course

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